Tapping Script for Healing from the Loss of a Child

As is the case with all of my tapping scripts, the statements below can be used as is, or modified in any way that makes them resonate more fully with your experience. Also, you may notice that when you start tapping on one of these statements, thoughts and feelings will arise that you can then use as new tapping statements, which will then give rise to still more thoughts and feelings, which you can use to create additional tapping statements, and so on. I call this following the thread, and it’s a very efficient way to heal and release a lot of painful feelings in a short amount of time.

Here are the tapping statements:

I refuse to accept that my baby passed away.
My child died and I will never get over it--I'll be grieving for the rest of my life.
My baby died and I'll never get to see him/her again.
My baby died and I didn't get to say goodbye to him/her.
I don't know how to go on without my child.
I don't want to go on without my child.
I wish there was something I could have done to save my baby.
I should have done more to keep my child safe.
I should have done more to save my child's life.
If I had only done __________________, my child would not have died.
If I had only not ________________________, my baby would still be here.
I would give anything to have my baby back.
I don't understand why God took my baby from me.
It's not fair that my child died.
I had unfinished business with my son/daughter, and now I'll never get to resolve things with him/her.
I'm consumed with grief and no one knows how to relate to me.
I wish I had been able to protect my baby and keep him/her alive, but in the end, there was nothing I could do, and it made me feel so powerless.
People want me to heal and move on, but I can't, and I wish people would just understand that and let me be.
I should have been a better mother, and now it's too late.
I'm angry at God/Life/The Universe for taking our child from us.
I will be heartbroken over the death of my child for the rest of my life.
No one understands what I'm going through and it's really lonely for me.
There is no way to escape the pain I'm in.
I feel like this is just a terrible nightmare and I just want to wake up.
Since my baby died I’m living my worst nightmare every single day, and there is no end in sight.
I don’t want to go on without my son/daughter.
It’s not fair that my child’s life was taken when he/she was so young.
I don’t understand how a loving God could let someone’s child die.
The pain I’m in is so overwhelming that I can’t function.
I miss my baby so much—it’s all I can think about.

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